5 Days!

We can’t believe we will be home in 5 days!  As you can imagine it’s been a very busy last couple of weeks.  We had a great time at Jeju Island.  Sorry we haven’t posted any pictures.  I will probably post some on Facebook soon. 

The movers came a few days ago and packed all our stuff and it is officially in route to Austin!  Damian has been very busy with work.  With him on vacation last week there is a lot for him to catch up on.  He also has a couple of going away dinners with co-workers.   On Saturday we are getting together with expats from Samsung for a goodbye dinner. 

We are so excited to come home and can’t wait to see everybody!


One thought on “5 Days!

  1. WE too are excited and looking forward to seeing all of you back in Austin in about two weeks! Just don’t forget Maya! She probably does not remember us, but maybe she’ll warm up to us with time. We are sure that you will be very busy the next few days. Glad to know that your things are on the way to Austin. Bet your parents are also excited as are Damian’s. Keep making the most of your experiences. We are so glad that things are going well for all of you.

    GP & GM from Houston, Texas

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