Home Stretch

We are in our final month in Korea and are so excited to be coming home.  We will be home the last week in August!   Damian is finishing up his Korean language class this week and then we are going to Jeju island this weekend to celebrate his birthday!  It will be our last trip before we go home. 

We can’t wait to see everybody.  We have missed everyone so much. Maya has been learning family and friends names.  She is quite the talker! 

There have been a few new families that have moved to Korea, some with babies.  So we have been showing them around and giving them advice.  It’s nice to share what we have learned in the past year. 

We will post next week with pictures of our trip!


One thought on “Home Stretch

  1. Thanks for update and we know that you, Maya, & Damian are excited about your return trip to good US of A. Happy Birthday to Damian a week from Sunday! Later, Maya will be having hers too on 8/8/14. Keep making the most of your stay there. GM is really looking forward to seeing Maya. She has really grown up so much! Let us know if how we can help.
    Your mom’s surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday at 8:00 am. Your dad tells us that all is well and both he & AJ will be at the hospital with her. We offered to come, but he assures us that they (Mario, AJ, & your dad) will do well taking care of patient. Guess the best thing we can do is keep your mom in our prayers!

    GM & I will be attending convention in San Marcos on the weekend of 8, 9, & 10th of August. We recall the times you would meet us for lunch! Those are fun times for us and we do appreciate those moments with family. Keep taking care and know that you are looking forward to seeing everyone when you return to Austin, Texas. We continue to keep you and family in our prayers.
    GM & GP from Houston, Texas

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